With the recent cancellation of the Winter 2019-20 NCHL Season, due to the current state of affairs with COVID-19, we have received a number of questions from concerned players. We have compiled a list of the most asked questions and answers below. These are posted on our website at and updated frequently as new information comes to light. Please continue to check back regularly for any updates.

When will Winter 2019-20 hockey season return?

– Winter 2019-20 Hockey Season is officially cancelled in Calgary, Edmonton, Richmond and Grande Prairie – read the details here.

I feel fine, why can’t we still play?

– Even if you feel fine, you may still have the virus and could spread it.

– At this time, all major sporting organizations are doing their part to follow the recommendations from various government agencies to help blunt the spread of COVID-19. When the risk of spread has decreased to a safer level, hockey and other sports will resume play.

-As of March 14 6:00 p.m. all City of Edmonton arenas have been closed indefinitely. Several Calgary arenas have also shut down.

What will happen to my cancelled games?

– Any cancelled games due to COVID-19 will be made up at a later date.

What is happening with NCHL Summer Season?

– At this time, the Summer Season is proceeding as planned. All dates and deadlines are still in effect. We will evaluate this on a daily basis.