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Putting a team together is hard! You need 14 other skaters and a goalie, at least!

But there is an easier way to play on a hockey team this season – you just need yourself! And if you have other friends that want to play, even better. You can all be on the same team and each of you will save $50 with the Buddy Bonus. Simply, register online and we place you and your friends either on an existing team or a team we build at about your skill level, for the season. You can choose to pay one, two or monthly payments when you register so it is extremely easy to afford hockey even when the economy isn’t doing as well as it used to.

Winter Program Details: Registration is NOW CLOSED

  • Men and women of any skill level are welcome
  • 32 ice times
    • 1 evaluation skate – so we can place you on the right team
    • 31 games – 30 regular season games plus 1 guaranteed playoff game
  • Season starts in September and finishes at the end of May
  • Registration fees are $769 + GST, or save $50 with the Buddy Bonus* and pay $719 + GST!
  • You get 2 numbered jerseys – $60 value (Home and Away)
  • Money Back Guarantee
    • Full Refund – will be issued if we are not able to place you on a team before the start of the season

*Sign up with two friends and everyone will save $50 with the Buddy Bonus!

32 ice times + $60 jerseys = $719 + GST with Buddy Bonus.

To get the Buddy Bonus of $50/person you need to find at least 2 other friends to sign up with you. Once you have a group of 3 players, each of you will get a $50 refund back on your credit card. But the best part is, if you have a few straggler friends that want to play and join later, they too will get the $50 Buddy Bonus if they say they are part of your group. And isn’t it more fun to play together with your friends on the same team?

So what happens if you have 10 friends that want to play? We will build a team around you and add other players to your group. However, if you have that many players you may want to start your own team and save some money.