Notice: Sunday Skate on October 4th has only 3 spots left.  If you want IN, get in touch with us. Teams will be formed after. Time is running out.

We know you want to play, but your team folded and now most of the teams, if not all, are full for the winter season. So what can you do?

Become a Black Ace!

Black Aces is a term referred to non-roster players who are practicing with their NHL team during the season so that the team can eventually call them up to play when needed.

We are doing something similar.

Who is this for?

If you are an intermediate player, this is perfect. Unfortunately if you are a beginner we recommend that you have a look at the Discover Hockey program, and if you are a Rec Superstar it would be best to become a Free Agent.

There is an awesome ice time we couldn’t use for the season in the NCHL (it can not fit into the schedule based on the cohort regulations in place). The ice is on Sundays, 10:00 PM at East Calgary Twin Arenas. Instead of it going to waste, we want to offer you the opportunity to play on it once a week until we can get you into the league.

How will it work?

You sign up at this link and immediately you have secured your spot (once you pay). We will cap registration at 32 players which includes 2 goalies.

First two ices times, Sunday September 27th and Sunday October 4th will be used for evaluate all registered players (scrimmage based). So it is important for you to make these.

We then will form two teams, Aces of Spade and Club Aces from all players who signed up to play and attended the eval sessions.

The two teams will be balanced in skill, and will play each other until we are able to integrate Aces of Spade and Club Aces into the regular NCHL season (this will happen as soon as the AHS regulations allow us to do so).

There will be scores, stats and officials at each of the 24 games that will follow the two FREE eval sessions. For you it will feel exactly like regular league play under NCHL rules. The only difference is you will be playing the same team until we are able to add both teams into the regular schedule rotation in the league.

The fees are 679+GST for the season which starts on Sunday October 11th.


Sign up here.

Have more questions? Contact us!