Calgary Team Registration Terms & Conditions 

Team Registration Terms and Conditions
1. The NCHL is a fun, recreational ice hockey league, it provides playing opportunities for nonprofessional teams and players, herein now referred to as The League and/or the league.
2. The person who registers a team to play in the NCHL is herein now referred to as the Team GM and/or team GM
3. The League sets forth the following terms and conditions that constitute a binding contract between The League and the Team GM.
4. Force Majeure. The League will not be liable for failure or delay to perform obligations, which have become practicably impossible because of circumstances beyond the reasonable control of The League. Such circumstances include without limitation natural disasters or acts of God; acts of terrorism; labor disputes or stoppages; war; government acts or orders; epidemics, pandemics or outbreak of communicable disease; quarantines; national or regional emergencies; or any other cause, whether similar in kind to the foregoing or otherwise, beyond the party’s reasonable control. When feasible, not to cancel but reschedule the pertinent obligations and deliverables The League will do so as soon as practicable after the force majeure condition ceases to exist.
5. Should The League not be able to reschedule pertinent obligations and deliverables, the League will provide a 100% credit to the team’s account for any games it was not able to reschedule in order to make up for games lost due to force majeure. The Team GM will then be able to request a refund of such credit, and redistribute the refund to each player as calculated by the Team GM.
6. All refunds must be requested in writing; such requests may take up to 30 days to be processed.
6.1 The League will not issue any player fee refunds without a written request and explicit approval of such a refund by the Team GM to The League.
6.2 If the League is able to refund the player directly, the player will receive the refund in original form of payment.
6.3 The League may issue a refund in the most suitable way deemed by The League. The League may issue a refund directly to the Team GM to be passed on to a player. The Team GMs agrees that all refunds requested by players and received on their behalf by the Team GM will be returned to players in a reasonable amount of time.
7. The League reserves the right to place each registered team into the most appropriate division as deemed by The League.
8. The League reserves the right to realign each registered team during the season as necessary at the sole discretion of The League.
9. Start of the season is defined as the first game to be played by any team registered to play in such season, Winter, Summer or otherwise.
10. Deposits, Team Fees and Team Fees Refunds – (Section 10 does not apply to teams choosing the Budget Schedule Package)
a) Deposits and/or any part of the deposit, team fees and/or any part of the team fees paid for playing in the Winter Season, Summer Season, or any other League Season in The League are refundable up the date set by the League and published on it’s website Season start dates will be set by The League as required and published in advance on its website,
b) All refunds must be requested in writing by the refund cut-off date. After the refund cut-off date and time, any team credits remaining on team account, and/or the deposit and/or any part of the deposit, and/or any part of team fees paid above the required deposit, to The League, may be refunded at the sole discretion of The League.
c) The order The League receives team’s deposit in, is the order Team GM is able to choose the schedule for the season, if and only if, schedule choices are available for such season.
d) Deposits are received on a first come first serve basis. Only payments successfully processed and deposited into The League’s bank account will apply to the total counted towards the received deposit.
e) Deposit must be paid in full before The League can add the team to the deposit order, and allow the Team GM to choose the schedule, unless otherwise specified by The League. When your deposit is paid in full, the date & time at which you registered will be entered as the date & time for the deposit order.
11. The League deems the Team GM responsible for payment of the team invoice after the season started regardless of what happens to the team and its players, during the season the invoice was generated for. In the event of team being forfeited from The League, or for any other such reason the Team GM is responsible for payment of all outstanding invoices including any and all applicable fees.
13. The League reserves the right to add $600 late fee on invoices that are overdue.
14. The League will charge $150 administration fee for every returned check to the team invoice.
15. The League reserves the right to forward all overdue invoices to a collections agency at any point in time.
16. Teams choosing The Budget Schedule Package, if available, shall follow the normal deadlines posted on 

       a. Team Fee Payments

            i. $600 CAD non refundable deposit due at registration

            ii. Remaining portion of the team fees must be paid by the deadline posted on The League’s website.

            iii. Remaining portion of the team fees must be paid electronically as one lump sum

            iv. Individual player payments will not be accepted by The League from teams on The Budget schedule option.

            v. Payment of the deposit, and/or the remaining portion of the team fees via credit card will be subject to an 8% service fee.

       b. Team Schedules and Placement in The League

            i. Conference placement is not guaranteed, the League reserves the right to place any team choosing The Budget schedule option in any conference The League requires.

            ii. Teams choosing The Budget schedule option will be assigned a schedule by the league as The League sees fit.

        c. Refunds

            i. Any and all team fee payments including deposits, and any other payments to The League are final and are not refundable. 

17.  Any credit balance present on a team’s account can be applied to the next season at the instruction of the Team GM in writing.

18. The League reserves the right to change season details after the start of the season as it deems required based on, but is not limited to the following reasons: new regulations imposed by governments or facility operators, unforeseen circumstances, changes in business environment, force majeure, natural or man made disaster, serious illness, pandemic or any other reasons or causes known or unknown before the start of the season.
19. To the extent there is any conflict between any information presented here by the NCHL and elsewhere, the information presented in the terms and conditions publicly posted on shall prevail.