Lets first start with our 100% guarantee to you.

There is one thing you can be certain of, no matter what happens, we will make sure things are right for you and your team.

If we are unable to make up the games affected by the restrictions during the Summer of Hockey Season, we will apply a credit to your team’s account balance for every game missed.

Unfortunately this summer season there is too much uncertainty around the possible government restrictions, and so we are unable to offer our typical schedule packages we offered in the past seasons. Nevertheless, we are excited to get out there and play. Lets make this a summer of hockey!

Welcome to the NCHL.

A Better Way To Play!

The world is kind of weird right now, upside down a bit. Winter is summer, summer is winter. Why not play this year? What else will you be doing ...

Season Details

  • 9 Guaranteed Games

  • Starts on July 5th

  • Ends on August 31st

  • Everyone Makes Playoffs

  • Great Ice Times

Superb League Experience

  • Full Stats In 24HRS

  • Full Season Schedule

  • Best Possible Parity

  • Full Customer Service

  • Ambassador Visits (if allowed)

  • One Ref Credits

Player Payments

  • One Payment - Interest Free

  • Two Payments¹


  • 1800 To Secure Registration³

  • Due Before Registration Closes

  • Refundable