Before Christmas we conducted a mid season satisfaction survey to see how we are doing on various fronts providing you with a better way to play hockey.

Thank you to the 267 people who took part and provided us with invaluable feedback.

We want to hear about what we are doing right, and where we can improve your experience in the league.

Overall we have improved from the previous winter season, with 90% of you saying that your season is either good, very good or excellent (last winter it was 80%).

28% of you rated the season excellent so far (vs 17% last winter) and 32% very good (vs 32% last winter).

So we must be doing something right! (does not mean we don’t have more work to do but we are getting there).

Winter 2023-24 Season 5 – Excellent, 4 – Very Good, 3 – Good, 2 – Not Good, 1 – Poor
Winter 2022-23 Season 5 – Excellent, 4 – Very Good, 3 – Good, 2 – Not Good, 1 – Poor

We also asked you if you would recommend the NCHL to a friend

and here is what you said:

Nearly all of you would, that is amazing and we appreciate it! But clearly we have a bit more work to do so everyone feels the way you do about the league.

Winter 2023-24 season

Lastly we asked you if you are planning to play summer

and it looks like most of you are:

Only 14% or about 2 players per team are saying categorically no, so there is hope yet. Besides summer is only once a week, ice times are great and parking lots are made for BBQs.

Summer 2024 Playing Intent