How to pre-register your team for Winter 2020-21 Hockey Season using a mobile device

Over the last week or so we received an overwhelming response from teams wanting to play hockey in the Winter 2020-21 season. Many of you have already pre-registered.

It is great to see that everyone still loves, and misses ice hockey as much as we do.

If you have already pre-registered your team for the season to secure your spot, thank you! Welcome to the NCHL, we appreciate your commitment to us.

As pre-registration progressed, it became clear to us that some people were having issues finding the “Join New Season” button on Breakout. It is there if you use the desktop version of the site but is not there on mobile version, and the app.

To make things clearer we made a video that shows how to pre-register your team using a mobile version of the website.

The pre-registration process for new teams has not changed. If you are pre-registering a new team for Winter 2020-21 Season all you need to do is pick the right season after creating your team.

More information on how to join a season with a new team can be found here:

Since we have received so many pre-registrations, most likely we will have to cap the season at a certain number of teams.

If you are planning to pre-register for winter, do not delay, please do so now.

All teams that pre-register before we open winter season registration will be offered a spot in the league. We are not asking teams to put any money down for a deposit.

We know these are hard times and many players are not thinking about league fees right now, but we need to know when to cap registration. Because of this we are asking you to pre-register your team right now.

Teams that pre-register also get another advantage over teams that do not.

You will receive a 48 hour, exclusive window to register your team for winter, once details are released and registration is open. The rest of the public will not be able to register and put a deposit down during this time.

We hope we can accommodate everyone, but the reality may be that arenas will cap how many ice times are available during the season and that will reduce our ability to accept teams.

Thank you for your support during these hard times.

We are all in this together, and better times will return. There will be hockey.

From all of us at the NCHL, thank you.

Stay healthy and safe.

A Better Way to Play!