Home Ice Prime – Best Available Ice Times for Your Hockey Team

Play Your Home Games Early and Close to Where You Live

When choosing Home Ice Prime schedule option, you will play half (15) or more games at the same arena, at the same time (10:30 PM or earlier) on the same day. This is the best schedule option you can go with if earlier ice times closer to home is what you are after.


  • Schedule consistencyhalf (15) of the games are same time, arena, and day
  • You pick the arena close to home for most players on the team
  • Schedule transferability – keep your home games if we move your team up or down
  • Up to $600 of credits are available to eligible teams

For only a little bit more per player you can have the added convenience of consistency. You will know when and where you play your earlier home games from start to finish of the season and will take them with you should the team need to be realigned up or down.

Your other schedule options are Home Ice and Regular.

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