New Winter Hockey Opportunity in Calgary

Is there such a thing as too much hockey? We did not think so!

By the way what does it cost to play shinny these days? $20 an ice time? What about subbing on a team, $25-30?

You can play up to 29 hockey games in a mini-league this winter in Calgary for the price of about 15 bucks a game.  Incredible value, isn’t it?

How can we do this? Read on.

We are starting a special 4 team mini-league that will play twice a week out of ECTAS on Sundays and Mondays at 10PM (for nearly all start times).

The hockey we are shooting for is average to below average, it is just for fun and exercise.

Maybe you don’t have a team and would like to play? Or maybe you have a team and would like to play more hockey this winter?

If you’ve played hockey for at least 3 years, and you are not an elite player who can play in the top tier, this opportunity is for you.

(If you are rec hockey superstar, we just don’t think you’d have fun playing this if you are used to a certain high level of hockey)

Our goal is to make equal skill level teams. We’ll do this by adjusting team rosters to make them the most competitive, so game are fun and any team can win on any given night.

Important Details to Know

Location: All games will be played out of East Calgary Twin Arenas – 299 Erin Woods Dr SE.

Season start: Jan 7th, 2024

Season end: April 30th, 2024

Guaranteed Games: 17 total, 12 regular season and 5 playoff games in a round robin season end tournament

Fees: 449+GST, two payments and multiple payment options (until end of December) are available

Subs: Only members of this division will be allowed to sub on other teams, unless otherwise registered on the Official Subs team (149+GST).

Playoffs: Round robin season end playoff tournament, gold/silver and bronze/4th games, 5 per team.

Rules: All NCHL Rules apply

To Register: Please choose Albino Rhinos to sign up for in the menu –

And yes, do tell your friends about this opportunity.

If you have a group of friends wanting to play together, we will place you on the same team (if the group is no larger than 5, otherwise it is too hard to shuffle rosters to make teams equal).

Yes we still need 4 goalies (we need all 4 to be of similar skill level).

If you would like to sub, we can put you on an official sub list (149+GST and only officials subs are allowed to sub on the teams in the mini league).

You will need to get a white, and a black jersey with a number on the back with an NCHL logo on the front, or simply a blank one with a number on the back.

We have seen a good uptake in registrations since the announcement in the past, if you want to play, don’t delay.

Sign up today before we fill the teams!

We are also looking for 2 people who want to run a team (2 GMs are already in place), if you are interested and are organized (there is a special incentive available), contact us.

Play Winter Hockey in Calgary