August 1st will be too late to register your team for winter hockey

August 1st is the deadline for team registration. If you are a player, jump to the bottom of this post to see how you can get on a team this winter.

So if you have not set up your team with us on Breakout and provided the required deposit based on the schedule plan you have selected it will be too late.

We need enough lead time to build the schedule for the selection draft and unfortunately we will not be able to put your team in to the season unless you are registered and are planning to play.

But what does it actually mean? Do you have you have the whole team ready to go by August 1st? Not at all. We are simply asking you to register the team on Breakout and cover the deposit.

You will then have 60+ days to work out who will be playing on your team before season start, which is the first week in September. That is plenty of time! Heck you can probably start a brand new team between now and then. We have seen it happen more than once. People just need to know there will be a team for them to play on, then they feel confidence to pay their fees.

It is easy to cover the deposit. Pay your own team fees, and get one more or two more players on the team to do the same. That should not be too hard should it? Here is where you can see the winter hockey league team fees.

Ok but what if I don’t have the whole team ready to play, you ask? That is ok, if you have a core of 10-11 players you can always pick up more players down the road. There are new hockey players moving into town all the time and it is hard for them to get on an ice hockey team when they don’t know anyone here.

Or a team may fold and now there is an abundance of players looking to play winter hockey in a league. Typically there are hundreds of hockey players looking for a hockey team to join each winter season. They could join yours!

How can you get them to play on your hockey team? Simple, we have this handy Facebook group for where you can see who is looking to play.

We also have a list of players we can share with you. You just need to email us and we will forward you everyone’s names and a way to contact them and invite you to be part of the Facebook group for your city.


If you are a player looking for a team, please check out this page and get on the list so you can find a team to play for this winter!


1. Set up your hockey team on Breakout

2. Invite all your players to the team invoice you created

3. Cover the deposit by paying your own team fees and getting one or two more players on your team to do the same

4. Spend the next 60+ days recruiting the rest of the team. Don’t forget to use our Facebook group and the list we can send you.