Less than 3 weeks left to register your hockey team for winter

What does this actually mean? We will close team registration on August 1st, 2023. After this date you will not longer be able to set up a team in the league for the upcoming winter hockey season.

So if you want your hockey team playing this winter, it must be set up in our system by noon on August 1st, 2023. (but the sooner the better, and we will explain why below).

This does not mean you have to have all your players figured out. Not at all.

We know that organizing a hockey team often feels like herding cats. “Yes, yes, I will register and pay tonight” has been heard many a times. People like to take their time, and that is ok. As long as the team fees are accounted for by September 1st, 2023 you are good!

It costs nothing to set up your team for the season right now, 100% zero downside

In reality you have 58 days from today to get the roster finalized. Which is plenty of time. You could build a team from scratch for the season in a week (with our help, we have plenty of players wanting to play, it’s just that someone has to herd them).

But, if you don’t have the team set up in our system by August 1st, you will not get the chance to finalize your roster. And who wants to miss out on hockey in the winter?! (by the way we have pretty great ice times).

It does not cost anything to register your team and takes less than 1 minute to do so. You can always cancel it on or before August 1st (if things do not progress to your liking with your cats).

Once you set up the team, you can start inviting your players to it. They in turn know the team is a go and it is time to do their team fees. The team is real. If on the other hand you do not register the team right now, and wait, it sows seeds of doubt into your roster. Will the team happen? Is it really a team that will be playing this winter?

Get to 10 and your team is happening

Kind of a chicken and the egg situation. You can’t have a team without players and you can’t have your players without the team being registered. Give you and them something to hang your hats on. Something tangible. (like and invite to pay their fees into their inbox, by the way your player can do payments all the way to the end of December)

The next step would be to make sure the deposit is taken care of ($1500) by August 1st. If you pay your own fees, and get one or two more player to do theirs you are well off to the races.

As you accumulate your roster through July and August you will get close to the number of players you need. Once you are at 9-10 skaters and a goalie, the team is pretty much a sure thing.

you want it you got it, and we will help!

All it takes is a couple of friends to get their friends onto your roster, and you are golden. (if you need players, make sure to get the FreeAgent List from us, it has more than 1,000 players on it in Calgary and Edmonton and more than 300 in Richmond)

Bottom line is this. If you want to have a team this winter, we will help you make it happen between now and September 1st.

So what are we waiting for, lets get going?

Register your team now.

players can do payments till end of December.