Explore the different schedule packages available to your team below. We believe that each team is unique and what may be a great option for you, may not be so for someone else. This is why we offer choice. We are the only league that does. Welcome to the NCHL.

A Better Way To Play!

Great option for new and existing teams. If you want to SAVE both time and money, but don't care about playing on weekends.

Choose Schedule

  • All Games At Richmond Oval

  • Posted for May-August

  • Choose Your Schedule

  • Everyone Makes Playoffs

  • Our Best Ice Times

League Experience

  • Full Stats In 24HRS

  • Full Season Schedule

  • Best Possible Parity

  • Full Customer Service

  • Ambassador Visits

  • One Ref Credits

Player Payments

  • One Payment - No Fees

  • Two Payments

  • Monthly Payments


  • 1500 To Select Schedules³

  • Due at your pace

  • Refundable

Team Credits

  • Early Bird Extension

  • Early Bird - SAVE $500