Why you should do summer and hockey this year

Are you playing summer hockey?

(if you said yes that is awesome, we love your dedication and commitment to the sport, well done).

If you are hesitating, we understand. Summer is short, and there is lots to do. Is there really any time to play hockey?!

Imagine this though, what if you could do both? (how!?!)

Summer and hockey, (not just summer hockey). It does not say anywhere that hockey must cease because it is nice outside.

There is plenty of time to do both, summer and hockey, because games are only once a week, and there are very few weekends in the schedule.

Games are also earlier (think starts on average around 9PM – depending on your team’s schedule), there is no minor hockey taking up the early ice times.

We start in May and go till 2nd week of August or so, with plenty of time left for the hottest part of summer.

And fees are half of what winter fees are!

So, if you really love the game, why would you stop doing what you love for 30% of the year?

It is not a huge commitment (only once a week for 75 minutes) but the benefits of continuing to play are enormous.

  1. You still get to hang out with your team and keep the chemistry alive (why mess with a good thing?)
  2. You keep in hockey shape and are ready to play come winter. Otherwise there is a chance you lose a step, but the hands definitely go first.
  3. It’s fun? Otherwise why would anyone play hockey?! (so why are you denying yourself the positive endorphins and cold drinks in the parking lot in sandals?)

A wise hockey player once said, if you get out once a week you are in the game, twice a week – you maintain your skill, and 3+ times a week you improve.

Of course it all depends on your goals (no pun intended here), if you are happy with just getting out there, once a week works.

If you want to have fun at the level you are at, twice a week is a must, and if you want to play better and move up a division or two?  Well 3+ is your ticket.

Sure Summer is Great, but Summer and Hockey > Summer

You are probably thinking, I have lots of things I want to do this summer and so little time. But no one said you have to be there at every game. Rarely ever a player would make every game in the winter. Life gets in the way then too.

What you are getting is an option to play every week and if you want to play, you have somewhere to play once a week. (or more)

And since we try to avoid weekend games like the plague in the summer, you have those free to do your camping, RVing, and getting out of town just like every other summer.

Yes you could miss a game, but that also happens in winter (albeit maybe for different reasons, being sick, bad weather, holidays, kids hockey, you name it!).

So what do you say is playing once a week really that impossible?

Lets do summer and hockey?

Ah but you don’t have a team to play for? Become a FreeAgent and get on a team! Or build your own. You can also join the FreeAgent Facebook group for your city (Calgary, Edmonton, Richmond).

P.S. If you have experience organizing a team (or are organized yourself), we have an opportunity for you to play for FREE this summer. Send us an email at info@nchl.com to find out more about it.