Everything we do, is to make your hockey playing experience better. This is why we started the league.

And this is why we offer choice, and convenience to you the team general manager, and you the player.

These benefits require more resources, whether it is time, money, or people.

Still, we understand that choice is important to you, and this is why we offer 4 different options for schedule packages.

Each is a unique offering, and since we do not know what you and your team consider important, you are free to choose what you want!

The NCHL is the only adult recreational hockey league where you can do that.

The Hockey Season – Calgary, Summer

  • Choose a schedule you want for the whole season – (only in the NCHL)*
  • 15 guaranteed games (one game per week on average)
  • 3 periods, stop time (15 minutes each)
  • Every team makes the playoffs
  • Best of three final
  • Provincial Championships
  • Schedule is published in April for the whole season so you can plan your life
  • Starts the first week of May
  • Ends the last week of August

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Parity is Hard, We Take It Seriously!

  • Parity is key, no one wants to get blown out every game!
  • We place your team in the most appropriate division by skill level
  • Divisional realignment happens about every 5 games (only in the NCHL)
  • We offer 4 tiers, Tier I, II, III, IV – each has specific rules to maximize parity (only in the NCHL)
  • Available divisions are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 (reserved for Discover Hockey program grads only in the NCHL)
  • Special Tier III rules – ringers can score only 3 goals per game
  • Special Tier IV rules to minimize the ringer effect (only in the NCHL)
  • Tier IV is not for ringers, mentor-ship and Fair Play Initiative rules in play (only in the NCHL)

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Choose The Schedule You Want!

  • Choose to play South or North (does not apply to Budget, only in the NCHL)
  • Midweek 9PM – Best Weekday Ice Times, 50% or more of games will be Tue, Wed, Thu starting before 9PM – (only in the NCHL)
  • Midweek  – Weekday Ice Times, 50% or more of games will be Tue, Wed, Thu starting any time – (only in the NCHL)
  • Regular – Choose The Conference and The Schedule You Want – (only in the NCHL)
  • Budget – Save a ton of money if you want to do it all yourself (cheapest hockey you can play, about the price of shinny these days)

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Your Time Is Important!

  • Stop chasing players for payments!
  • Let your teammates pay their fees with their credit card
  • We set up your team invoice on LeagueApps and you let your players pay online – you are done, no more chasing cash!
  • Players can even split payments and pay via multiple payments, now there are no more excuses for not playing hockey this summer- (only in the NCHL)
  • Earn rewards – we accept all major credit cards via LeagueApps.

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Play Goon Free!

  • No purposeful contact, No hitting, No fighting!
  • One and done! (One fight gets a goon suspended indefinitely!) – (only in the NCHL)
  • Takes 30 minutes in penalties – wastes 1 game!
  • Takes 40 minutes in penalties – wastes 2 more games!
  • Takes 50 minutes in penalties – wastes the rest of the season!
  • Penalty minutes carry over into the playoff season (we really don’t want goonery there either)

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Take It Easy, We Organize It All!

  • Let all your buddies see how you did last night
  • Stats & Standings are updated online within 24-48 hours of each game
  • Pucks at every game for warmups – so you don’t have to remember – (only in the NCHL)
  • Spend less time writing names on the score sheet, it’s pre-printed
  • We provide a score sheet with all the names already on it, all you have to do is cross the names off for absent players
  • Professional officials, 2 refs & a scorekeeper at every game, or you get a credit!

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Have More Fun, Play More Hockey!

  • All games are 3 periods of 15 minute stop time
  • Special rules to minimize wasted ice time
  • Icing from the blue line
  • Hurry up face offs
  • More than 5 penalties/team in a game – penalty shot rule (does not apply to Tier I teams) – (only in the NCHL)
  • 9 penalties and/or 30 penalty minutes in a game – team forfeit rules – (only in the NCHL)

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Other Benefits Of Playing With Us

  • Partnership with Team Town Sports
  • Partnership with OTB Athletic lets us provide you with quality jerseys quickly
  • Tournaments, Contests, Flames Tickets, Free Friday Shinny and a few other special things we do for the team GMs that play with us, you will have to discover for yourself

* You can find the complete rule book here

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A Short Disclaimer

We try our best to be diligent and provide you with the most accurate information we have. Sometimes that may not be possible, we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you and your teammates. To the best of our knowledge information presented here is the most accurate to date.

Last updated November 16th, 2023.

COVID-19 Clause (does not apply to Budget)

Here is our promise to you: if we are not able to offer the season as outlined below and have to adjust or cancel hockey altogether, you will always have the option to either get a refund for the remaining games you did not get, or keep the team fees as a credit until hockey returns. We will work with each and every team to make sure we take care of you and the wishes of your players. The same way we did this past summer season when it was abruptly cancelled, and the summer season that never happened. All teams that wanted a refund for games not played have been taken care of.