Home Ice Advantage, Consistent Games Close to Home

Play half your games close to home

When choosing Home Ice schedule option, you will play half (15) or more games at the same arena, at the same time (10:45 PM or later) on the same day. Choose this schedule if you want to have consistency and play your games close to where you live.


  • Schedule consistencyhalf (15) of the games are same time, arena, and day
  • You pick the arena close to most players on the team
  • Schedule transferability – keep your home games if we move your team up or down
  • Up to $300 of credits are available to eligible teams

For example instead of running around from arena to arena each week, playing each game at a different time and day (one week you could be playing a Monday 10:45 pm game in Chestermere and the next it can be a Sunday 11:15 game in Springbank) you know that tonight it is a home game and you are playing at South Fish Creek at 10:45 pm.

For just a little more per player you can have the added convenience of consistency. You will know when and where you play your home games from start to finish of the season and will take them with you should the team need to be realigned.

Your other schedule options are Home Ice Prime and Regular.