Being unable to play hockey for the last three weeks has been absolutely soul crushing. And the worst part is we do not know when we will be able to play again.

We have been watching the COVID-19 situation unfold day by day to see if we can spot any clues as to when arenas will be reopening so we all can start playing again.

Each municipality has their own way of dealing with the crisis, some cancelled all public events until June 30th in their facilities (it is unclear if playing recreational hockey with 20-30 people in the arena constitutes a public event at this point, and whether community facilities are expected to follow suit), while others haven’t said anything yet at all about when they will reopen their doors.

It is is under this kind of uncertainty we must make decisions about the summer 2020 hockey season, and it is really, really hard.

What we do know however, is this.

There are two possibilities, one is we are able to put on a shortened summer season if there is enough time to do so, or we will have to cancel the season all together.

At the moment we know for sure we can not start the summer season on time for May 1st.

Our hope is we can still play this summer even if it means having a shorter season, because if the choice is between playing hockey in a shortened season or not playing hockey at all, we will always choose playing hockey.

We started the NCHL because we love the game and not being able to play is absolutely devastating on so many levels.

There are plenty of factors that are beyond our control, but we know there is a drop dead date somewhere between now and the end of May.

That is, if we do not have any kind of certainty by the drop dead date, we will be unable to make the summer 2020 season go.

It will be the first time in 15 years that we will not have a summer season, we hope that this is not the case, but we need to be prepared for this possibility.

In either case, we will make sure that your team is taken care of and we do what is right by you.

If we shorten the season it will be a logistical nightmare do so, but we know you want to play, so we will do everything possible to make it work.

We will need to adjust the number of total games, the way the schedule packages work, the deadlines, and other steps that we can’t foresee at the moment. We will refund the difference to your team GM.

If the season is cancelled, we will refund in full the summer fees you have paid.

Effective immediately, all published deadlines for summer 2020 season are suspended, and the start of the season will be delayed.

We will continue watching the situation as it unfolds day by day and update you as soon as we are able to do so.

Thank you for choosing the NCHL and your patience with us during these unprecedented times.

We hope you are staying safe and healthy.

We will get through this.

NCHL – A Better Way To Play!