NCHL Vaccination Update

Alberta – State of Public Health Emergency and what it means to NCHL:

“New temporary health measures to help slow the spread of COVID-19 will apply province-wide. This includes new restrictions on restaurants, indoor gatherings, weddings and funerals, retail, entertainment venues, and indoor sport and fitness beginning Sept. 20. Measures in workplaces, indoor private gatherings, places of worship, schools and children’s activities, as well as mandatory masking and physical distancing in all indoor public spaces begin Sept. 16.

Starting Sept. 20, businesses or event organizers who choose to implement a program checking patrons for government-issued proof of vaccination or a recent negative privately purchased COVID-19 test will be able to have an exemption to restrictions. If a business or service chooses not to require proof of vaccination, they will be required to adhere to the new health measures.” – Government of Alberta

What does this meaning for adult hockey?

As of now, any and all NCHL facilities that we have been in contact with are planning on applying the ‘Restrictions Exemption Program’. We expect that this will be the case for all remaining facilities as well. This means that in order for us to play hockey, ALL participants must be able to provide proof of vaccination (or other official documents, more details below) to enter the facility and/or participate in games.

If you are not vaccinated (or exempt) you can not play.

Though Medical exemptions will be accepted, it is not logistically feasible at this time for us to accept recent negative privately purchased COVID-19 test results.

In many cases the responsibility for verifying proof of vaccination will fall on the coordinators of the user groups that are using facilities. In an effort to streamline this process as much as possible and to ensure we do not have any issues prior to game-time we are going to start the verification process immediately. We are asking that all players and participants upload proof of vaccination to their profiles on LeagueApps as soon as possible (details and instructions on how to do this will follow). We will be using this information to verify all participants and to correlate with team rosters. If you have not provided proof of vaccination (or other required document) you will not be included on the roster and will not be allowed to play.

All information collected by NCHL regarding vaccination verification or exemption will be held securely and will be used in full compliance of the Province of Alberta – Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). This information will be permanently deleted once government requirements have been lifted.

How to load your proof of vaccination:


  1. Go to and click the login link
  2. Login to your LeagueApps account
  3. On your dashboard under your winter registration, click edit details
  4. Add picture of proof of vaccination (these will be verified)
  5. Save changes

Here is a video to assist you with this process: How to add Proof of Vaccination

Thank you for your patience,

The NCHL – A Better Way To Play