Stop playing hockey, this is what will happen to you!

WARNING! These images are disturbing. Your fate is in your hands. This is what will happen to you if you stop playing hockey this winter. To prevent sudden loss of teeth, strikingly receding hairline, and/or an early onset of a mullet – sign up as a Free Agent. Salvation is at your finger tips.

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This is what happens when you stop playing winter hockey
This is what happens when you stop playing winter hockey!
This is what happens to you when you stop playing winter hockey!
This is what happens to you when you stop playing winter hockey!
This is what happens to you when you stop playing winter hockey!
This is what happens to you when you stop playing winter hockey!

15 Days Left To Register Your Hockey Team For Winter Season


Winter is coming. And we are hard at work. Getting ready to start the hockey season on the right foot and on time. As of today, there are only 15 days before team winter hockey registration closes. After August 1st, 2018 we will not be able to accept any more teams for winter. This means you need to set up the team on Breakout today, but you don’t have to have the full team fees paid yet. Just the deposit. Which is super simple, it is your own fees (after all you will be playing, no?) and 2-3 other players paid in full.

By the way if you already paid your team deposit, this you can see on your team invoice on Breakout, you are good! And since you are so organized (which we love) consider starting a club team for winter.


Yes. It is hard to imagine. But winter hockey season will be starting soon. It all starts right after the Labor Day weekend. Or precisely in 50 days from today, which is not much time. Not much time at all, to finalize ice bookings, build the master hockey schedule for Calgary, Edmonton, Grande Prairie and Richmond. To figure out parity and placement for hundreds of hockey teams playing in the NCHL this winter. And there are team season schedules to build, select and publish. Lots of work. So if you have yet to register your team, please do it today! This will help a lot with speeding up the process of publishing your schedule for the whole season on time.


Each season we try to do our best to build and release the master hockey schedule on time. If there is one thing wrong in the information we have received from your team it delays the release of the schedule for everyone. So if you are a division 10 team, but chose division 1 by accident on Breakout, the winter hockey might as well be a write off if you had to play in div 1. We want to avoid this case as much as you do. Imagine if more than one team does this, well it piles up and it takes longer and longer to figure out the whole schedule for the rest of the year. The schedule is now late! We want to avoid this and publish it on time. You can help. Please make sure your information is completely accurate on Breakout for your team settings.


That all being said, there is still plenty of time to organize a team. In fact most of your players or potential players may not be thinking about hockey yet. For them 50 days is a long time and we can appreciate that. So what is the best course of action for a GM stuck between the rock of time and a hard place of needing to make a decision? Ask yourself this. Are you better off playing hockey this winter or not?


Do a quick survey of your teammates. If you have 9 other solid yeses you are well on your way and your hockey team will happen at a 90% certainty. We know this from experience, it is a question of confidence. If no one believes a team is a go it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. People loose confidence and it all unravels. On the other hand if your teammates believe that your hockey team will happen they are much more likely to say yes and sign up to play with you.


Try this. Set up the team on Breakout, join the winter 2018-19 hockey season and set up the team invoice. We recommend 15-18 players on your paid roster. Once the team invoice is ready, add your players to it. Pay your own team fees, this part is easy, right? Now get 2-3 other players to do the same and presto the team is happening!


By the way, we are not here to make people playing with us. We want your hockey experience to be exceptional, so if you get to a point where the team is just not happening and you paid the deposit, we will work with you. Even though the deadline for deposit refunds is 45 days before the start of the season, we review each situation on a case by case basis. And can easily refund your deposit if you were not able to get beyond signing up those first 2-3 players. We just don’t want teams who have committed to us and paid to pull out last minute, this really screws up the schedule for everyone else. Time is needed to adjust in a case like this.


Most of this info is not very relevant to you as a player. But there is one thing that is. You can help your team GM ensure the team is happening for winter. It is simple. Pay your own fees once you are invited to sign up on Breakout. And, you have plenty of choices for payment. You can do one, two or monthly payments and as of the time of this writing you can split your season fees into 6 payments. Ok, there is one more thing you can do to help your team GM. Every rec hockey team picks up 1-2 new players each season to round out the roster. If your team is looking for more players, which is usually the case, see if you can help with getting a friend on your team! Ask the GM first though.

P.S. If you already registered your hockey team and paid your deposit for winter, you are awesome! We thank you! Please keep up the good work and get all your players paid up in full or signed up on payments as soon as possible!

Drop In Pickup Shinny Hockey While You Wait To Be Placed On A Team

Black Aces Weekly Shinny

You just want to play? Perfect, you don’t need organize a team. We will set you and all your friends up for a winter hockey team. We will place all of you together on the same team. Guaranteed, or your money back! Registration for Winter is about to open very soon. In the meanwhile please consider the Black Aces Weekly Shinny.

Once we gather enough people interested in playing on a winter ice hockey team, we will start a weekly Black Aces Shinny. This is a great opportunity to play ice hockey while you are waiting to get on a team for winter. There you will get a chance to meet, and play with or against your new potential hockey teammates. What an awesome way to break the ice and start getting in shape for winter!

The ice times will be posted on Breakout weekly for each city. Please fill out the form below so you can get the link for the Black Aces Shinny team on Breakout. Once we have enough people on the list we will start setting up the ice times.

Team Registration Contract

The NCHL herein now referred to as The League and/or the League sets forth the following terms and conditions that constitute a binding contract between the League and the individual registering the team, here to referred to as The individual and/or the individual, and/or team GM.

The League reserves the right to place each team into the most appropriate division as deemed by the League.

The League reserves the right to realign each team during the season as necessary at the sole discretion of the League.

In the event of your team choosing a schedule plan and the League needing to realign the team into a different division throughout the season resulting in a modified schedule that does not conform to the schedule plan of your choosing, the League will adjust the team invoice to reflect the new schedule by pro rating the cost of games modified due to divisional realignment.

Conference placement is subject to availability and first come first serve basis.

Deposit is 100% refundable 45 calendar days before the start of the season as per League schedule. Start of the season is defined as the first game to be played by any team in the League that season. After the 45 calendar day cutoff, the deposit and/or any part of the deposit may be refunded at the sole discretion of the League.

The order the League receives your deposit in is the order you are able to pick your schedule for the season. Deposits are received on a first come first serve basis. Only payments successfully processed will apply to the total counted towards the received deposit. Deposit must be paid in full before the League can add the team to the deposit order and allow the team to pick its schedule unless otherwise specified by the League.

The League deems the individual registering the team responsible for payment of the team invoice after the season started regardless of what happens to the team during the season the invoice was generated for. In the event of team being forfeited from the League, or for any other such reason the individual registering the team is responsible for payment of all outstanding invoices including any and all applicable fees.

The League reserves the right to add $600 late fee on invoices that are overdue.

The League reserves the right to charge back any credits given to the team on team invoices that are overdue.

The League will charge $150 administration fee for every returned check to the team invoice.

The League reserves the right to forward all overdue invoices to a collections agency at any point in time.