Bringing Your Team Invoice To Zero

We always talk about bringing your team invoice to zero and how important that is for making sure you receive your credits. But what does it exactly mean? Lets have a look at some examples.

When you first register the team on Breakout or join the next season in the NCHL and then create a team invoice it will show two types of balances on it. Current balance and future balance. Balances can be negative, zero, or positive. Negative balance means you have a credit because your players paid more than needed, zero means your team is paid up and positive balance (denoted in red) means the team still owes for the season.

Current Balance = Team Fees – All Payments Received To Date


Current balance is pretty simple, this is what is owed by the team after all player payments actually received by the league have been subtracted from the total of the team fee including tax, minus any credits, plus any charges added. Charges can be added for late fees, but also for things like refunding a player that has left the team because we need to account for that payment. Credits can be added to the team invoice because you had an over payment from a previous season, or if a payment was made outside of Breakout, to reflect the current state of team payments.

Future Balance = Team Fees – All Payments Received To Date & To Be Received In The Future


Future balance is a bit more tricky, but it follows the same logic. The difference is, you may have players who have signed up for payments, (two or monthly payments), and that money will be coming off their credit cards in the future. We count this money as if it was already paid towards the team fees to calculate the future balance. So for example if you have a player who was assigned $600 and chose six monthly payments of $100, we would reduce the future balance by the full $600 instead of just the $100 made as the first payment.

View From Breakout’s Perspective


Here is what it looks like on Breakout. One invoice has a positive future and current balances, which means the team still owes money and the other shows a negative current and future balance. The second team is fully paid up  and has an overpayment (based on the current balance figure).

The overpayment can go towards their next season, remain on account or be refunded to you as the team GM. The league of course can not refund anything above the current balance if it is negative, simply because the future payments have not yet been received.

This invoice shows a positive current and future balance – the team still owes fees.

This invoice shows a negative current and future balance – the team has a credit that can be applied to the next season, remain on account or be refunded to the team GM provided all future payments have been actually received by the league. In the end current balance should equal future balance once all payment have been collected from players. The league can’t issue a refund for money that is yet to be received.

So if your future balance is at zero or is a negative number by the credit deadlines listed here, your team will be eligible to receive the credits based on the schedule plan you selected. Some plans do not have credits.