Are you throwing away $500!?

Imagine you have $500 in your pocket. What could you do with that money? Would you throw it away? Well, this is what is exactly about to happen in a few days. You will be throwing away up to $500.

“Wait, wait, wait, how am I throwing away up to $500?” By not having your team registered on Breakout for the winter hockey season! Teams that are registered in the month of May, will get extra 30 days to receive that Early Bird credit. Returning Team and Early Bird credits can add up to $500.

The best part is you don’t even need to pay anything to get the extension. Just let your fingers do the work, a couple of taps on your phone screen or the keyboard and you can easily join the winter hockey season on Breakout. It will literally take 1 minute of your day to do it, but will give you 30 extra days to bring your team invoice to zero.

But you say: “Ah I don’t know, the team might not go this winter, I don’t know if I have enough players …” or something similar. We get it, being a GM is a tough business, always be recruiting, right? (have you heard of the secret FreeAgent Facebook group where you can pick up players for the season, that is only available to NCHL GMs?)

This is why if the team does not go, simply leave the winter season or delete the team on Breakout, no sweat off your back. What is the downside? That is right, there is none.

So go online or on your app right now, before you forget, and join the Winter 2019-20 Season on Breakout with your existing team, or make a new one. Then pat yourself on the back for making a smart decision!

By the way if you already registered your team for the winter hockey season, you are awesome and we thank you! Welcome back to the NCHL – A Better Way to Play!

P.S. Teams that register by midnight (MST) May 31st, 2019 will get an Early Bird credit extension until end of day August 1st, 2019.

Lets play hockey, because, the alternative is unthinkable!

This post contains relevant information for NCHL Richmond league only – Updated May 27th, 2019