Hard to imagine, isn’t it? June is nearly over, winter hockey is less than 3 month away. Kids are now being signed up for hockey in their community. Soon the smell of hockey will be in the air, and we are hard at work securing ice times for the winter season.


Each year we try our very hardest to secure the best possible ice times by pleading with all our existing suppliers that adults deserve to play hockey too! Some times better ice times do come up. But, we would not know this until we get a little closer to the start of the season. And we are sure you, like everyone else would want to play at better times. So let us share a little secret of how you may be able to do it in the winter.


As you already know, there are limited schedule packages. One was so limited it sold within minutes of opening winter registration. Just because you chose a schedule package it does not mean you are going to get it. Why? Because we sort out who gets what in the most fair way possible. First come first serve basis. If you are on the ball you get to reap the rewards of better schedules in the winter!


The secret is getting your deposit in before anyone else does. The sooner we have received your deposit the higher your team is on the list, not only securing (only if you were quick enough) you will get the package you want, but also getting a better selection of the schedules available! There is one more secret somewhere else in this message, so read on.


We know what your are thinking, “I haven’t yet registered the team so I must have missed out on all this”. Not exactly right. First, it all depends on other teams, how fast did they pay their deposit? If they signed up for a package but were tardy with the deposit they may not be getting the schedule option they want, but you on the other hand might! Secondly, even if you did not get the deposit fast enough or were not able to pick your first choice of package it is still important to register the team and pay the deposit as quickly as possible.


Why? It is simple. Even with other package options you get choices, and these choices are rapidly diminishing with team registering and paying their deposit every day! So in other words if you register at the very end, you get what is left and with the shortage of ice times this season (some arenas out of order like Fairview in Calgary), what is left is not that good. Don’t be last!


Lets make things easy. For the next 12 days until the end of June we are slashing the deposit amount needed. Originally the deposit for winter was $2,500, but until June 30th, 2018 at 11:59:59PM (Midnight) PST you can pay half the deposit ($1250) and we will immediately insert your team in the deposit order! Does this mean you have to reach into your pocket and pay us $1250? Hell no! All you have to do is pay your own league fees and get one maybe two more players on your team to do the same. Once your invoice payments hit $1,250 you are good to go!

By the way if you were organized and already have more than $1250 paid, you don’t need to do anything else! We will slot you into the deposit order based on when you reached the required deposit amount. You do not lose your spot in line.


Now, you know about the deposit. You know what it means to be in the deposit order and you know how much the deposit needs to be ($1,250). You also know that you do not need to pay it on your own, rather you just need to get your players to pay their own fees. Lets talk about how you can start collecting team fees. It is super simple, with the help of Breakout you can add players to the new winter team invoice. Your players can then go in and pay their fees choosing one, two or monthly payments (these are interest free right now – but they won’t be for long).


You can see the video and read more about it here, but these are the steps for existing teams.

  • Login into your Breakout account
  • Go in the menu to Payments
  • Hit Join New Season button at the top of the page
  • Choose your season, conference, division and payment plan, make sure you hit the payment plan itself to select it, it should light up in blue
  • Hit the Submit button and you should be all set
  • You will now see the payments page with your new invoice, hit manage invoice and you can start adding players to this invoice for the new season.
  • Skip to 1:01 on the video to see how to add players to invoice either via email or from your existing team roster.

So what are you waiting for? Register your team now, and get us the deposit!

If you have done all this already, we thank you! You are an awesome team GM and your teammates should be kissing your feet and worship the air you breathe.

Welcome to NCHL –  A Better Way to Play!

P.S. If you are thinking of starting a new team for winter, now is a great time to get organized. Please visit “How To Register My Team” page.Watch for an email soon about the new club team promo!