We Send $100 this week to a charity of your choice!

Picks for Week 4 (Oct 30th to Nov 5th) Are Now Due by Midnight Sunday MST.

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We had this great idea, lets have a little bit of fun and support charities this hockey season. (any contribution helps!)

We are going to run a weekly contest and send $100 (our money) to a charity of your choice!

The rules are simple, you pick 3 players for the week. (Any 3 players playing in the NHL this season.)

We will tally up the results of each player like so.

Goals+assists+(plus/minus) for the week starting on Monday and ending on Sunday night. (tie breakers are lowest PIMs, most shots on net and longest time on ice, your entry time into the contest in this order).

We then add the 3 tallies together to give you your weekly performance. If you have the best tally, you get to choose the charity! Simple indeed.

We will tag the top 10 on our social media, and if you are the supreme prognosticator we know you can be, we send $100 to the registered charity of your choice.


So what are you waiting for, pick your 3 players now! (of course there is no cost to participate, it is just for fun and charity)