Picks for Charity – Week 1 is Complete – Congratulations CAN!

Week one has concluded. We had a lot of back an forth, but in the end we have a clear winner with 24 points.

And today we made a donation to Canucks Autism Network on behalf of Bailey Brookes. Congratulations!

You made a difference in someone’s life today, just by having fun with us and the game we all love. #picks4charity

From CAN:

Hello X,

On behalf of everyone at Canucks Autism Network and the 9,100 Autistic individuals who benefit from your generosity, thank you for your donation of $100.00. Your generous contribution supports our continued development & delivery of programs across British Columbia.

At CAN, we recognize that real change is the result of a collective effort. Everything we do relies on the support of our community and the generosity of people like you. By being a CAN supporter, you are helping us create a future where every individual on the autism spectrum is understood, accepted, and supported. Thank you for playing an important role in this positive social change.

Leader Board

Anyone can play this game, so tell your family and friends (18+). Make your picks now!

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