3, 2, 1 – PLAY SUMMER HOCKEY in Calgary

It’s been a bit of a time these last couple of years. A new obstacle at each turn. But, this is, probably, the beginning of the end, and we believe summer hockey will proceed as planned. As normal as possible. (who knows, maybe by then even vax passports will be a thing of the past).

At any rate, we know you want to play hockey this summer, and so do we. You can feel confident we will still abide by all government regulations to bring you a fun, and safe summer hockey experience. Just like we have been during the last 2 years.

And if things get derailed, you can be confident that we will refund everyone for all games that we are unable to provide to teams because of arena closures outside of our control.

So, today, we are releasing summer hockey registration details for teams in Calgary.

The Plan

  • January 11th, 2022 (Today)
  • January 17th, 2022 – 12PM MST (Noon)
    • You can register your hockey team
    • You can start inviting your players to do their league fees once the team is set up on the schedule plan of your choice
  • March 15th, 2022 – 12PM MST (Noon)
    • Last day to withdraw team registration and receive full refund of deposit and any fees paid by players. (Does not apply to Budget teams)
  • April 1st, 2022 – 12PM MST (Noon)
    • We close Team Registration for all teams
    • All teams except Budget teams must have at least a $1500 deposit on account to be included in the schedule
    • Teams on Budget schedule option must have all league fees paid in full
  • May 1st, 2022
    • Target date for season start, some teams may play games on this day, while others will have their first game that week.
    • Your team invoice must be brought to zero (means either the team fee is paid in full, or the team invoice balance will be less than or equal to zero by June 30th)
  • June 30th, 2022
    • All player payments must be complete
  • August 2nd, 2022
    • Target start date for playoffs, some teams will play their first playoff game that week.

If you already run a hockey team and are a veteran Team GM, you know how things work. If you are thinking of starting a new hockey team for summer, do read until the end of this post.


Team registration process goes likes this. First you will follow a link that will allow you to set up the team on our registration system. You will then choose the schedule plan that is most suitable for your team needs. The choices are Budget, Regular, Midweek and Midweek 9PM. You will agree to terms and complete the registration.

Once this step is done, we will create the player registration part for you on our end. Then you can invite your players to join the summer team and pay their own league fees.

Why is it important to register your summer team as soon as possible? The date and time of your registration will determine where you land when it comes to picking your summer hockey schedule. The sooner you register the more choice you will have. We have to have a way to determine who should pick their schedule first, and this is how we do it. So it pays to be first.

Just make sure you have your team deposit in by April 1st, otherwise you drop down the order until you have the deposit paid.

Of course none of this applies to the Budget schedule option. You don’t get to choose your schedule if you sign up for Budget, we just assign it to you. You can get lucky and get a great schedule, but you can also get very unlucky and get a sub optimal one.

There are 15 guaranteed games in the league this summer season.



Just like it says, it is budget, and you save money but you should ask yourself is it worth it?

You will have to collect all fees on your own, players will have to pay you directly, you will have to keep track of it all. You can’t offer payment plans, and you can’t accept their credit cards. League fees are not refundable for any reason, COVID or not, and you can end up in a conference you don’t want to be in. But you save money.

If all your players know you, they would be ok with handing you their fees. But what if you need to recruit someone new, they don’t know you at all. How comfortable would they be with paying you directly for hockey? If you would have used the registration system we have, you can say that the money is going directly to the league and give them confidence that their payment is going to end up in the right place.

What about receipts that can be claimed at work for doing something healthy for yourself? If a player pays you, we can’t issue a receipt as this transaction does not hit our accounting system. The receipt will have to come from you, hopefully your player’s work accepts it.

To sum it up, you do save money on hockey, but you have to do a lot of work yourself and you lose out on some great benefits just to save a little bit.


The Regular hockey schedule is a huge improvement from Budget.

You get a ton of benefits for just $3.5 more per player, per game. Everything we just talked about above is now possible. You can choose your conference and schedule for the season. (and you will get it)

Your players can pay online with their credit cards, they can split their fees into two, or multiple payments. Players who choose multiple payments, can pay from now until the end of June. Someone who is early on the ball, can split their fees into as many as 6 payments. Makes summer hockey totally affordable!

If you decide you want to withdraw the team from the season, you can do so until March 15th, 2022 and we will refund all the fees directly to your players who signed up.

We can do the receipts for your players too!

And most importantly of all, any new recruits you have can be at ease, knowing their fees are going to the right place.

Sure it costs a little more, but we make one of the hardest parts of running a hockey team easy for you.

What is important to you?

The only downside of you choosing Regular is, the schedule is fairly random. It can have later game start times, and more games on days outside of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday sweet spot of summer hockey.

During the summer hockey season, games can land on Sun-Thu. On weekdays earliest start could be 6PM and on a Sunday it can be as early as noon. No teams will play on the Sunday of any long weekend.

In other words, you get to play hockey once a week. Your start times will be awesome (no kids hockey in the summer), and your weekends are free to enjoy summer.

This is why summer hockey is the best hockey season of all.


This is the summer hockey schedule you want if you favor playing your games during the middle of the week. We guarantee that at least 50% (half) or more of your games will land on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.

When possible we will make your schedule have as many of these games as we can find ice for. (so you could get more than half we promise to supply)

The only negative is, the start times will be any time during those days and can be after 9PM. If it is important to you to play earlier and during the week, you should go with the next schedule option.

Of course you get all the things we talked about in the Regular schedule option above as well. (all of the benefits of Regular are included in this option)

There is a limited number of schedules we can build under these parameters.

Midweek 9PM

This is the ultimate summer hockey schedule option. It is the same as Midweek (you get at least 50% of the games on Tue, Wed, Thu) but these games will start at 9PM or earlier. Why would you want a schedule like this?

Think about all the time you will have after the game on a nice summer night to enjoy in the parking lot. We are not going to tell you what you may do in said parking lot. We are sure you will think of something.

Not to mention you will also be getting all the same benefits we talked about in the Regular schedule option above.

Unfortunately there are only so many schedules we can build this way.

If you want it, you have to jump on it quick. It is a popular option and usually sells out quickly.

Summer hockey is here, are you going to joins us?

This page is accurate as of January 11th, 2022. Information here may change and will be updated accordingly.