Another Day Skating in Paradice – Why you should consider playing this summer

Hockey in the summer?! Summer is for doing summery things. You are right and we agree. Summer here is short and there is lots to do, baseball, soccer, softball, camping, hiking, playing golf, sitting on a patio with a beer. You name it.

But does it mean you should give up on playing hockey in the summer? Absolutely not! And by the time you are done reading this, you may agree with our point of view. (more on this below)

First things first, summer officially does not even start till June 21st and often it could be snowing on Canada Day Weekend. Right? Maybe this summer will be different, but like you said, it is short.

If you are a teacher and can be off every day between July and September that is awesome. You are probably going to live in that cabin, or camper during summer. For the rest of us, unfortunately, max anyone can get off is two, or at most three consecutive weeks of vacation. (that is only 2-3 games missed during the summer hockey season, worst case)

8 reasons to play summer hockey

Weekends are free to do summer this summer

Alright, back to our point. Did you know that the summer hockey season actually starts the first week of May? (by the way most kids are in school till end of June). For the first 8 weeks of the season you are most likely to make every game.

Why? Because, most if not all games during the summer hockey season are played between Sunday and Thursday. (people are usually back home for Sunday night anyway). This leaves your weekends free to do whatever summery thing you want, camp away to your heart’s content.

Ok, but what about the other 8 weeks of the summer season? Good point. No one can make every single game, even during the winter hockey season. It is not expected, nor it is possible. Other things get in the way, NHL hockey games, parties, being sick, no childcare.

Name a reason it is there. In other words, there will always be something getting in the way of hockey. This is life. It is nearly impossible to find a player who makes every single game for their hockey team in any season. Summer or Winter. True story.

The reason why you join a summer hockey team (or winter hockey team) in the first place is to have the opportunity and the option to play once a week. You get the option and the opportunity to play every game, but you don’t have too.

Playing once a week is a pretty low commitment level, and you can miss a week or two to enjoy that vacation. (If you have unlimited vacation, our hats are off to you, you should still play hockey once a week since you have all this time 😉 ). P.S. your weekends are still free to do the summery things you do.

Summer Hockey Ice Times Are Amazing!

But what about ice times? Great question, we thought you’d never ask. Well. There is no minor hockey in the summer, and that allows us to grab unbelievable ice times. Ice times that are simply not possible in the winter.

We are talking about 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 PM starts on a weekday. Amazing. Put that together with showing up in flip flops and shorts to the rink, sunlight after your game, and a BBQ and beverages in the parking lot.

Yep. This is our Paradice.

If you have read this far and are still not convinced, lets continue. So far we have low commitment level, great game start times on weekdays, weekends free to do summery things, flip flops, shorts, sunlight, BBQ, and beverages.

How about cheaper fees? Yep summer is shorter, and your league fees are cheaper.

Ok, and what about the fact that if you stop playing hockey during the summer you loose a step (or two, or three). No doubt, every season you take the summer off it takes a little longer to get back to where you were before. (technically it takes playing 2 times a week to just maintain your existing skill level and shape)

If you are a beginner hockey player, it is two steps back, one step forward if you do no play year round.

If not for you, then for whom?

It was said by a famous hockey player – once a week gets you out there, twice a week you maintain your skills and three or more times a week you get better. All we are saying, you should maintain your hockey skills.

Ah but “I don’t have a summer hockey team to play for because my team GM is not putting one together this year!” Fret not. Option one, you take over the reigns for the summer season, it is not so hard and we can help. Option two? Become a FreeAgent and there is a nearly 100% chance you will get on a team this summer hockey season.

If you take option one, we have lots of FreeAgents we can supply you with, to round out your roster an make the team happen (and help with organizing it). If you are more of an option two player, teams need you, and you will be sure to find one. You’ll meet some new people, make new friends, grow your hockey circle and have tons of fun this summer. We promise.

Just being able to get out there on a weekly basis, is paradice. You never know when the music stops.

Say yes to summer hockey, and you will thank yourself later!

P.S. Have you heard of the Draft Tournament yet?!

Summer Hockey Champions!